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COURSES AND PRICES IN ANTALYA                                                                                                                                                      Geyikbayiri, Olympos & Cirali



  • LET’S GO CLIMBING   40 pp (only one p € 70)   2-3 hours                                                                            Never climbed before? Let’s have some vertical fun! You will learn how to tie yourself to a climbing rope, how to move on the rock and some basic climbing techniques on a 100% safe top-rope.
  • FAMILY CLIMBING   70 child+adult  2-3 hours                                                                                             Vertical adventure for kids and parents.
  • BASIC CLIMBING COURSE  €180 pp  2 full days/3 half days                                                                              Want to learn simple things about climbing? The first step is top-rope climbing – the easiest and safest way to climb. We will teach you basic  climbing techniques, climbing knots, how to belay (top-rope) and rappel (abseil). By the end of the course you should be able to follow a lead  climber at the crag.



  • LEAD CLIMBING COURSE  180 pp   2 full days/3 half days                                                                              Want to have a more diverse experience, gain a lot of freedom and have much more fun than you had top-roping. We offer you to learn the basics  of sport lead climbing – how to clip quickdraws, proper clipping  positions, what to do at the anchor, basic physics of falling, how to belay  a lead climber and how to safely  take  and catch a fall.
  • FROM INDOOR TO OUTDOOR  180 pp    2 full days/3 half days  (or just one day €100 pp)                    Climbing outdoors presents new challenges and opportunities. We will be  more than happy to help you make a transition to become an outdoor climber. Climbing outdoors requires an intimate understanding of the entire belay system, knots, anchors and new climbing techniques such as  finding holds and footholds on a  route, resting points, etc.
  • CLIMBING TECHNIQUE  100 pp   full day                                                                                                          Want to improve your outdoor climbing technique? We will take you to various climbing routes where you will be able to try face-climbing, stemming, friction, layback and other techniques. In the process we will give you advice on your footwork, body balance and placement, on how to find rest positions, in the end helping you to achieve smooth  movement by avoiding unnecessary moves.
  • FALLING COURSE  120 pp   full day                                                                                                                  Falling is essential for advancing as a rock climber. To progress you need  to try moves that are at the edge of your ability and when you try that hard, you fall. We will start with top-rope falls and proceed with safe lead climb falls. You will be coached in taking and catching a fall safely  (dynamic belay). Falling is a skill and practice makes it better.



  • MULTI-PITCH CLIMBING  200 pp   2 full days/3 half days                                                                              There is something special about the exposure one feels while hanging from a side of a cliff, 60 meters (or more) above the ground. In this course you will learn how to properly belay a lead climber, basics of anchor building and rappelling from a route.
  • TRAD CLIMBING  300 pp   2 full days/3 half days



  • HALF DAY  140 group (min 2/max 3)   only one p € 70
  • FULL DAY  240 group (min 2/ max 3)   only one p € 130



  • FULL DAY   120 group (min 4) • € 30 each extra person (up to max 10) • with guide + € 150 


HIKING  • 38 pp (min 4)   full day


+90 532 686 1799


half day

(09:00-14:00 / 14:00-19:00)

full day


Climbing Shoes 4 € 6 €
Harness 5 € 7 €
Rope 20 € 25 €
Quickdraw Set/15 10 € 15 €
Carabiner+ATC 3 € 5 €
Carabiner 1 € 2 €
Helmet 2 € 4 €
Chalk Bag 1 € 2 €
Full Set (for 1 person) 40 € 60 €
Full Set (for 2 people) 50 € 70 €

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